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We got this.

We‘ve got MEP chops. We collaborate with expertise
in a breadth and depth of engineering services. Talk with us about it.
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Main slideshow shadow Appropriate Design. Protect aesthetic vision and maintain investment.
It’s the Engineered Building Systems competitive advantage.
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Engineering Narrative.

Hotel Covington
Setting the story behind the walls.
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Engineering Ingenuity.

Engineered Building Systems Inc. is a Northern Kentucky-based engineering firm specializing in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire safety systems design for hospitality, office, mixed-use, residential, multi family, education, civic, government/military, restaurant, and retail.

We practice engineering ingenuity instead of innovation, and there is a difference. Our approach for each project is never rote. We understand the landscape, and problem-solve to deliver unique, individualized solutions for every project. No two projects are the same.

Our clients are:


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To the point. What we do.

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We pick up the phone.

Picking up the phone shouldn’t be novel, but it is. We’re not afraid to keep project quality at cost and on time.
We knock things out. The right way.
(859) 261-0585