Appropriate Design. Engineer Early. MEP Chops.

We don’t process like conventional engineering firms. These things make us different.

Appropriate Design.

We measure and optimize the aesthetics and value of designed building features, systems, equipment, and material selection. We then recommend and design using the best-practice blend of system and material for a solution that is design effective, not just cost reduction for cost alone. This process protects aesthetic vision and maintains developer investment. We call this Appropriate Design.

Engineer Early.

It’s all in the timing; we apply Appropriate Design at uncommon stages of the project. We keep the design and aesthetic value in line with the architect’s vision, and keep the costs in line with the developer’s vision. Our focus is crafting maximum project value at the design stage with practical solutions, not merely offering low fees and self-serving results. It starts the project quality at cost and on time, and works to eliminate change orders and the delays that wreck schedules and increase your costs. We’ll show you how it works.

MEP Chops.

EBS has the expertise with processes that ensure the long life of the architect’s vision, knows the options before it applies building code, and has the resources and expertise that reduce changes orders, so the project is completed quicker. EBS has the experience and expertise to know what works. And to know what works best for you. That’s the reason why we got into this business—our passion for best work.

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Keith, Paul, and Scott — Founders of EBS