Broadway Square. Convenient Urban Apartments and Retail.

The line between, “it can’t be done,” and, “we’ll find a way,” may be thin, but it is important. It is the difference between disappointment and an outstanding outcome. At EBS, we live to cross the line!

Now a breathtaking development in Cincinnati’s historic Over-the-Rhine district, Broadway Square began its life as eight 100-plus-year-old buildings in dire need of complete gutting, stabilization, and renovation to create a cohesive community of more than 100 residential units, three beautiful exterior courtyards, and over 30,000 square feet of modern retail space. The project also included a challenging and ambitious wish list of engineering specifications – LEED certification, tight budgets, and historic integrity requirements, to name a few.

Many pencils were sharpened on this project. But, by working closely throughout the project with the developer, architects, the LEED consultant, project estimators, and suppliers to find a way, EBS developed mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire safety, and communications engineering solutions that maximized budgets, supported aesthetic and practical aims, delivered outstanding functionality, and satisfied LEED requirements.

By finding a way, EBS helped its clients deliver an outstanding finished project that is one of the community’s most in-demand new residential, multi-use developments.