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New Construction with Corporate Branded Guidelines.

Piles Chevrolet Buick. Corporate branded engineering.

Some of the best engineering work emerges from humble, committed collaboration. When Piles Chevrolet, one of Northern Kentucky’s oldest and most respected automobile dealers, began imagining a new, state-of-the-art facility, the goal was clear – to provide an exciting, memorable, uncompromising experience of both the Piles and Chevrolet brands for each person who walked through the door. The challenge of achieving this goal, however, was also clear. As a full-service dealer, the Piles team required a beautiful and functional facility that demonstrated equal regard for visitors to the showroom, the customer service offices, and the vehicle service area, all with an eye toward Chevrolet’s specific aesthetic and brand-presentation standards.

Early in the planning, EBS began collaborating with the project’s design-build contractor and the owners at Piles Chevrolet to understand the unique objectives, desires, and challenges associated with creating the new facility. From these first interactions, EBS grew to understand that the new Piles Chevrolet dealership would become a tangible and immersive expression of Piles’ reputation for personal service, the Chevrolet reputation for quality and innovation, and the American driver’s excitement in purchasing and caring for a great car or truck.

Because of the close collaboration with builders and owners, EBS was able to integrate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of the new facility seamlessly and unobtrusively into the design while maintaining optimum functionality and efficiency. There were no costly, inconvenient “work arounds,” because EBS was there from the beginning. And the eye-catching and innovative new facility now provides inspiring, satisfying, and memorable experiences for hundreds of visitors each week.