Markets Served


We provide quality MEP designs to first responders and public agencies who are challenged by budgets determined by public funding and specific city or county code requirements. We understand these projects reflect the values of the community and deliver efficient, resilient, and sustainable solutions to meet their needs.


We work together with our clients from the ground up on projects ranging from high performance office buildings to small tenant spaces. We design innovative spaces that contribute to the customer experience over the facility’s lifespan.


Our unique MEP designs provide efficiency and professionalism to all types of manufacturing and industrial business sectors. We keep up with the demanding infrastructure requirements with each project and provide solutions that support the building in which specific manufacturing processes occur.


We deliver engineering designs early in the construction process to support community revitalization and new construction developments. We work with property owners, architects, developers, and contractors to come up with the right solution for the property’s requirements and budget.


We promote a positive, successful learning environment for administrators, educators, and students with our innovative and modern MEP designs. We understand the challenges of balancing costs with a quality learning environment and work to find a solution that will exceed these expectations.

Health Care

We work with healthcare providers and professionals to develop state of the art MEP solutions for medical and dental facilities. We understand the importance of incorporating flexibility in our designs that will reduce costs and create safe, cutting-edge work environments for staff and patients.


We provide MEP support to our community by creating successful and sustainable designs to those in need of a helping hand. It is important to us at EBS to work together for the common good and help make improvements to the world around us.


From a large new church to a renovation of a place of worship, we provide MEP solutions to faith-based facilities that improve community involvement and support the mission. We understand the financial constraints on these types of projects and consider those when creating the best environment for worship, administration, and unity.


Our high-performance, efficient MEP designs for entertainment and hospitality stand out in a competitive market. We work closely with our clients from conceptual design through construction to create superior, sustainable, and cost-effective buildings that will generate value far into the future.